Web advertising policy

This policy provides guidelines for the acceptance of advertising, on the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames website.

1    Background and document purpose

  • The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames allows businesses and other organisations to advertise on its main website.
  • This policy document defines the site-wide content policies and technical standards to be applied.

2.    Principles

2.1    The policy assumes that all advertising presented falls within the rules and guidelines laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority and the British Codes of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing. The basic principles of the codes are that advertisements should be:

  • Legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and society
  • In line with generally accepted standards of fair competition in business
  • Reflect the spirit as well as the letter of the codes

3.    General approach

3.1    The Council seeks to maximise revenue from advertising, whilst ensuring that the process of accepting and displaying advertising does not conflict with any of the Council’s core values and policies.

4.    Prohibited products, services and advertisers

4.1    Advertising should not promote any of the following:

  • Adult services i.e. sexually orientated products or services
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Gambling
  • Loans and speculative financial products
  • Tobacco and related products
  • Weapons, violence or anti-social behaviour of any description
  • Unlicensed medical services, drugs or pharmaceuticals

4.2    In addition, we will not accept advertising that:

  • Conflicts with the cores values or policies of the Council in any way
  • Affects public support for a political party, a person identified with such a party, or a point of view/question of  a political nature
  • Presents an obvious conflict of interest with a Council service or income stream

5.    Style and content

5.1    The Council retains an open mind to different styles of advertising, though as a public sector body we are unable to consider advertising of:

  • A sexual nature, which features an overtly sexual tone, innuendo or a subtext that may cause offence, partial or complete nudity or which appears to promote illegal or inappropriate behaviour
  • A mocking nature, which makes fun of particular groups of people, types of behaviour or situations

6.    Selection and quality assurance

6.1     The final decision to accept advertising rests with the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and is subject to a sample being supplied for quality control/approval purposes; acceptance does not imply endorsement.

6.2    All advertisements which are to be displayed on the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames web site will be subject to review of the product or service being promoted and the style and content of the advertising. This review will primarily be undertaken by agents appointed to handle to sale and delivery of advertising on the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames website but the Council, on occasions, may also directly wish to view and approve creatives prior to display

6.3    London Borough of Richmond upon Thames reserves the right to refuse advertising when space is limited by the needs of editorial content or for any other reason without explanation. Also, to remove advertising at short notice should the subject matter be likely to appear insensitive/cause offence in the light of local or national events e.g. natural disasters, missing children, etc.

7.    Behavioural targeting, cookies and privacy

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames:

  • Allows the use of cookies and other devices to gather data to monitor web site traffic (such as with ‘Site stat’ and other, ‘cookie based’ traffic monitoring tools).
  • Allows the use of cookies to analyse the pages viewed by each site visitor in order to recommend other pages on the website which may be of interest.  Visitors are however provided with access to a web page where they can ‘opt out’ of this personalised recommendation service.
  • Does not permit the use of cookies or any other devices which collect, store and analyse detailed user behaviour on the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames web site in order to tailor commercial advertising on the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames web site.

8.    Disclaimer

8.1    We make reasonable efforts to ensure that only advertisements suitable for all ages of web user appear on the Council website. However the Council does not control third party sites, content or products. Advertisers may have different use and privacy policies, for which we cannot accept responsibility.

8.2    We will display a link to this advertising policy on any page of our website which carries advertising and an email link so that customers with any concerns can raise them promptly with the Council.

9.    Contact Details

If you want to advertise on our web site please contact:-

Ben Darlington
Telephone: 0871 716 8426
Email: info@logo-net.co.uk

If you have any comments about this policy please contact:-

Nathan Pritchard
Efficiency Programme Manager
Telephone: 020 8891 7475
Email: nathan.pritchard@richmond.gov.uk

If you need technical help in relation to our web site please contact the web team:-
Telephone: 020-8831-6228
Email: web.team@richmond.gov.uk

Updated: 27 March 2014