Uplift Ham

Developments and improvements to the Ham area, as part of the Uplift programme.


In May 2011 Richmond Council carried out the All in One Survey, asking residents around the borough what they like about the area in which they live, and what they would like to see improved.

In Ham 613 people took part and over 94% were satisfied overall with their area as a place to live, highlighting parks and open spaces and the level of crime and anti-social behaviour the most important things in making Ham a good place to live.

However 26% felt that the level of crime and anti-social behaviour could be improved and 26% wanted to see the roads improved.

Ham Close regeneration: help shape the future

Over the past two years, RHP, in partnership with Richmond Council, has been working with local residents and stakeholders on what improvements they would like to see in the local area, and develop a vision for Ham Close.

To see further information on the current proposals, please visit the Ham Close Uplift website. This has been launched by RHP and the Council as a one-stop-shop of information about the future of the area.

Ham Library

In 2013 the first Uplift project in Ham was delivered – a £146k revamp of Ham Library. The six-week transformation of the Library in Ham Street, Richmond, has resulted in the creation of a new community exhibition and meeting space with an IT suite, a modernising refurbishment of the existing library building, including toilets, kitchen areas, shelving and the reception desk and the replacement of the windows.

What does Cllr Fleming think?

"Ham is a unique area with great character and the Prince’s Foundation specialises in putting people and communities at the centre of the design process.

“We know that ideas from the public will vary in their intensity and impact. However, we want to know from everyone who lives or works in the area how they think we can improve the quality and appearance of the housing provision on the site, increase the amount of affordable housing provision and create better access and delivery of community services.

“We hope that when residents see the potential redevelopment opportunities for Ham Close they will realise our commitment to improving not just people’s homes but also the surrounding area.

“With regards to the library, the people of Ham deserve a 21st Century fit for purpose library and that is exactly what they now have. The transformation is dramatic and I’m sure the new community space that can accommodate meetings, child care services, and training opportunities will be well used. When so many Councils across the country are closing libraries to make savings, I am delighted that we have not only kept ours open, but we are able to continue to improve our service and facilities through our Uplift programme."

How do I find out about improvements to Ham?

Uplift is just one Council or community project currently in place to improve Ham. To find out what improvements and developments are planned, refer to the Village Plan.

The Village Plan describes a vision for the village area and identifies what the Council will do and what local people can do to achieve the vision together. It sets out the key issues and priorities and provides background information on the village area.

How can I be kept up to date about Ham?

Regularly check your local village news pages.

And remember that the Council is on Twitter – follow @LBRUT for up to date information.

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