Richmond’s Low Carbon Zones

We are creating a number of areas in the borough where residents have taken action to reduce their energy bills and improve the affordability of heating their homes. We call these areas ‘Low Carbon Zones’.

Low Carbon Zones are a win-win approach to tackling dangerous climate change. By reducing the amount of energy used in your home, you stabilise and reduce your energy bills. That’s important when oil and gas prices are increasing energy bills year after year. And you also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide your home causes, which helps tackle dangerous climate change. It’s a win for you and a win for the environment.

So far we have created three Low Carbon Zones using different methods.

  • There’s our original one in Ham and Petersham, where we reduced carbon emissions by 19%(pdf, 2272KB).
  • A smaller one in Mortlake which is being delivered at the moment (winter 2012-13).
  • A Low Carbon Zone in Whitton where free insulation and boiler replacements helped people warm their homes properly and affordably. These enhancements were delivered with funding from the GLA under their RE:NEW scheme.

Community action

Our most successful approaches depend on the community to take action. We work with volunteers who talk to their neighbours about affordable warmth and energy efficiency. They help spread the word for us.

We support the volunteers with some free energy saving equipment they can distribute, as well as training and community grants they can spend on other energy-related equipment or training.

If you have a community of like minded people and are interested in creating a Low Carbon Zone in your part of the borough, please drop us a line. It might be a street or a block or somewhere larger. Whatever your idea, it’s good to talk.

Tel: 020 8891 7387