School links

Pupil eco warriors from across the borough have been writing up their ideas and top tips to share with other green teams! The schools below have been working on lots of different exciting environmental projects; if your school would like to feature, simply drop us an email

Quick links for specific topics are under each 'doorway' page and here are some other useful signposts.

School governors and bursars

With their responsibility to be strategic, challenging and accountable, governors have an opportunity to introduce and promote sustainable development. Working with the head teacher and the school leadership team, governing bodies can play a central role in placing sustainable development at the centre of school life.

London Sustainable Schools Forum

The London Sustainable Schools Forum (LSSF) is a collaborative educational community, which aims for every London school to be a sustainable school by 2020. LSSF is formed of two 'leaders' from each Borough who are involved with sustainability in schools. These might be a number of different stakeholders in education from London such as teachers, governors, non-governmental organisations, academics and local authority officers. It meets regularly with the aim of sharing best practice and promoting sustainability across London schools.

The LSSF also provides workshops, reports and a useful monthly bulletin, which are all downloadable from the LSSF website pages of project dirt.

Creating Sustainable Schools: A Case Study Guide

The Guide was launched at the first London Sustainable Schools Forum Workshop on 3 October 2007 and is an inspirational resource containing 20 case studies, two or three for each of the 8 Doorways of the DCSF National Framework. It includes examples from inner and outer London, primary and secondary schools and schools at various stages on the path to becoming sustainable. It is intended for a wide audience including teachers, school governors, local authority officers and schools grounds managers.