Empty properties

Bringing an empty property back in to use benefits the property owner and the wider community.

Report an empty property

We are particularly interested in private properties that have been empty for over 12 months.

To report an empty property, call us on 020 8487 5123 or email residentialeh@richmond.gov.uk.

We will investigate and contact the owner to try to bring the property back into use. Where appropriate, enforcement powers may be used.

Please provide as much information as possible about the property, including a full address. This information will help identify what action is needed.

Empty Property Scheme

Our Empty Property Scheme is designed to help owners of vacant properties to bring them back into use. The scheme enables you to earn rent income from the property, through a Council tenancy which we can help to arrange and manage. To be eligible for the scheme, your property must have been empty for at least six months.

If the property needs repair work, we may also be able to offer you a renovation grant of up to £25,000 to carry out these repairs. Once the repair work is complete, the property must be made available for tenancy through our Rent Deposit Scheme or Short Term Leasing Scheme, for at least five years.

To find out more download our Renovation Grant guidance(pdf, 129KB)

If the property is in good condition and doesn’t need any repairs or decorations, we can arrange a tenancy through either our Rent Deposit Scheme or Short Term Leasing Scheme.

Benefits of the Scheme

Bringing an empty property back into use has many advantages:

  • Gain income from rent
  • Improve local environment
  • Reduce risk of anti-social behaviour
  • Increase local housing provision
  • Reduce negative affect on neighbouring property value
  • Avoiding the possibility of enforcement action, for example an enforced sale, compulsory purchase or an Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO)

We actively work with landlords of empty properties, and offer advice and financial assistance. However, where an empty property is the subject of regular complaints from neighbours, we may consider a compulsory purchase of the property.

How to apply

To find out more or to apply contact us by telephone on 020 8487 5123 or email at residentialeh@richmond.gov.uk.

Empty property FOI requests

We are frequently asked for lists of all empty properties within the borough.

We do not hold a list of all empty properties, however we do hold information about those properties which we have been advised are empty in relation to Business Rates or Council Tax.

Updated: 27 March 2017