Early Education Funding money

When and how do I get the money?

In the first two weeks of each term the childcare provider will carry out a head count of all children who qualify for Early Education Funding. The setting (which is a general term used to describe a place where childcare and early years education takes place, for example nurseries, childminders and crèches) then sends the list to the Early Years and Childcare Team, and the grant is paid directly to the setting on your child's behalf, usually at half-term. Parents need to ensure that when the provider gives them a copy of the Parent Declaration Form that it is signed and returned to the childcare provider in good time.

Parents cannot be required to pay up front for the funded element of their child's day.

If you are offered and accept a place at a school nursery funded by a Council authority (maintained school nursery) you do not need to complete a Parent Declaration Form.

If your child attends a maintained nursery and another childcare provider (e.g. a private nursery or childminder), you will not be able to claim the grant for the other provider, as your child will already be receiving free Early Years Education at their maintained nursery.

Updated: 8 March 2017