After the cremation

Following a cremation, you can choose to scatter the cremated remains within the borough, such as a crematorium's garden of remembrance. Alternatively, if you prefer to bury the cremated remains and mark it with a memorial, our cemeteries provide some cremation options to help you to make your choice.

If you do not have an existing family grave for the cremated remains you can make an application to purchase a new grave(pdf, 97KB), otherwise you can make an application for burial in an existing grave(pdf, 88KB).

Whatever your choice, you may wish to have a Minister present to take a short service or if you prefer not to have a formal service, you can look at our cremated remains service sheet(pdf, 32KB) and adapt it for your own use.

Local Crematorium contact details

The London Borough of Richmond is a member of the Mortlake Crematorium Board and the South West Middlesex Crematorium Board.

Contact Mortlake Crematorium

The contact details for Mortlake Crematorium are:

Kew Meadow Path,
Townmead Road,

Telephone: 020 8876 8056
Fax: 020 8878 2472

Contact South West Middlesex Crematorium

The contact details for South West Middlesex Crematorium (known locally as Hanworth Crematorium) are:

Hounslow Road,
TW13 5JH

Telephone: 020 8894 9001
Fax: 020 8898 8590

Updated: 21 March 2014