Directorate summary reports

Work in our Directorates

In 2017 our re-launched Directorate Equality Groups will identify areas for action in relation to equality within each Directorate and track this work through. Updates on this work will be documented on this page.

The following actions were delivered in 2016:

  • A new carer’s strategy was developed with the voluntary sector and NHS.  
  • The first phase of learning disability change programme, which will provide appropriate accommodation and support for service users , was completed. Service users moved into the new build accommodation at Brentham House, High Street, Hampton Wick in 2016.
  • A new Dementia Strategy was launched alongside the Dementia Friendly parks initiative.
  • A new Domestic Violence awareness group for survivors started in 2016 and a new house opened with 5 spaces for women who are at risk of violence or sexual exploitation.
  • Richmond Inclusive Support and Exercise referral programme (RISE), continued to promote sport and exercise for disabled people of all ages.
  • Street furniture around bus stops was removed, kerb heights adjusted and layouts altered to allow wheelchair ramps to deploy.
  • Improvements have been implemented throughout the borough, often in association with local “Friends of” groups, to enhance accessibility to parks and open spaces in order to encourage and increase usage, including by all equality groups. For example, physical accessibility works to improve and widen the footpath alongside the Duke of Northumberland River, with associated minor tree works to enhance visibility, were completed in March 2016.
  • Hate crime awareness training was delivered to community groups to raise awareness and encourage reporting.
  • Support community led projects for older residents and disabled residents through the Civic Pride Award where in 2015/16, 5% of wards supported disabled residents, 20% related to children and young people and 7% to projects for older residents. Projects funded include the Metropolitan Sports & Social Club for the Visually Impaired (Metro) who received funding to offer two multi-sports taster sessions to people who are blind and partially sighted living in Richmond and surrounding boroughs.
  • Children’s Social Care arranged for a lecturer from Kingston University to come to speak to employees about cultural identity. They also invited community leaders to come deliver lunchtime briefings for employees to increase knowledge about  different community groups and their differing needs.

The work of the Council in relation to equality is scrutinised by the Equality Scrutiny Stakeholder Group meets quarterly to review Richmond Council’s activity in relation to equality and diversity. The ESSG is made up of representatives from voluntary and community groups in the borough.

They have an interest in ensuring equality for all, and up to 5 independent critical friends who have specific skills, knowledge and experience relevant to ensure equality for all within the borough. In 2016 the ESSG has had the opportunity to feedback on a number of EINAs, including the review of the homelessness strategy, and discuss equality with officers. For example the AfC Annual Equality Report.

Service user profile equality monitoring information

We will publish further service user profile equality monitoring information and analysis throughout 2017. Our EINAs also use service user profile data to assess impact.

Updated: 27 January 2017