The Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) 2013-17 provides a comprehensive set of commitments, outcomes and performance measures for the four year period of the plan. In addition, to ensure there is a sharp focus on those areas most needing concerted action, a small set of priorities are identified each year.

Priorities are selected based on four types of information:

  • The starting point for selecting priorities is the needs assessments that are undertaken to identify the needs of children, young people and families and to which local services must respond.
  • Current performance data, the annual self-assessment of our CYPP achievements and feedback from inspectorates such as Ofsted.
  • The views and expectations of children, families and residents in the borough gathered through wide-ranging consultation during all the development stages of the CYPP and through its annual review.
  • The administration’s vision for the borough.

Priorities are reviewed annually taking into consideration the latest performance data and information on changing needs, as well as the views of service users and local residents. Some priorities roll forward and remain for a number of years, as they involve medium-term change programmes. Others may be replaced as specific issues are addressed and new challenges emerge in other areas of the plan.

Priorities for 2013-2014(pdf, 89KB)

Updated: 28 June 2017