Children and Young People's Plan and Needs Assessment

The Children and Young People’s Plan 2013-2017(pdf, 923KB) sets out the direction and goals for the Council and its strategic partners, covering all services for children and young people up to the age of 19, and up to the age of 25 for care leavers and young people with learning disabilities.

What is the Children and Young People's Plan?

The Children and Young People's Plan sets out the vision for children, young people and their families and carers in the borough, and outlines the Partnership’s shared commitments and the anticipated outcomes that will emerge as a result of the work delivered.

The Plan has been developed by the Council in consultation with the Children and Young People’s Partnership, a group that brings together the key organisations delivering services to children and young people in the borough; for example, health organisations, police, schools and colleges, and voluntary organisations. It includes services available for every child such as education, health and youth services; services for children who may need additional help for example with attendance, behaviour or health difficulties; and services for the small number of children with complex needs, such as children in care or those with disabilities.

The Plan is strategically aligned to the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Richmond Partnership, the multi-agency partnership group working in the best interests of the borough and its residents. It also works closely with the Local Safeguarding Children Board, an independent statutory board which co-ordinates safeguarding activities in the borough.

How was the Plan developed?

The Plan has been developed using three main information sources:

‘You said, we did'

A review of activities was undertaken in the Children and Young People’s Plan 2009-13(pdf, 2385KB).

Needs Assessment

Every year an assessment of information about the needs of children, young people and their families, including demographic data, performance information, the recommendations from statutory inspections, survey findings, and ongoing consultation with children, young people, families and residents is produced. This Plan was developed using the 2013 Needs Assessment but since then, this has been updated. Our most recent Children and Young People's Needs Assessment was produced in autumn 2016:

Consultation and engagement with children, young people and their families

We have consulted widely in developing this Plan; including asking young people to tell us what they thought were the most important issues that affected them. This work was integral to both this Plan and the separate Young People’s Action Plan which is being developed by Richmond Youth Council and Children in Care Council.

In addition, we have carried out formal and informal consultation, including with children in care, children not in school, primary school pupils, secondary school pupils, parents and carers, school governors, Headteachers, Councillors and representatives from equalities groups. View the consultation findings report(pdf, 518KB).

Consultation is now ongoing for the Children and Young People’s Plan 2016. Have your say in the development of the Plan.

Further information

Additional information relating to the new Plan will be updated over the next few months.

Updated: 18 May 2017