Annual household electoral registration

Release Date: 27/09/2013

Annual registration forms will shortly be delivered to every household in the borough, and Richmond Council is requesting that residents respond as soon as possible to save costs, and ensure that they are correctly registered to vote in next year's Local Council and European Elections.

Gillian Norton, Registration Officer for Richmond upon Thames, said:

“The Council has a legal duty to ensure that it receives a response from every residential address, even if there is nobody eligible to vote living there. It is easy for households to respond where there have been no changes to the details pre-printed on their forms by using our online, telephone, or text services. Only those who have to make changes need to amend and post back their forms.

“If residents do not respond promptly, it increases our costs in sending out reminders or having officers visit each property to confirm the current details. It could also jeopardise your right to vote, so please note that this is an annual requirement even for those who submitted application forms or changed their details during this year”.

UK law requires everyone to renew their registration each year so that each Council can publish an accurate Electoral Register, which this year will be delayed until 17 February 2014, due to the planning underway for the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER). The Revised Register published in February will ensure that all eligible residents can take part in elections and referenda. This information is also used to contact residents about jury service and check applications for credit.

All homes will receive a compulsory form from 1 October, with details of the residents currently registered to vote on the Register of Electors.

For more information contact the Electoral Services Office on 020 8891 7775 or visit the voting pages.

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Updated: 2 October 2013